Kingston Byers carries out a wide range of fixed priced contracts based on client supplied plans and specifications. Our skilled project management and supervision teams work diligently to deliver projects of the highest standard without compromise. We offer our clients and their professionals the same team cooperation regardless the contract type.
All projects are unique and deserve meticulous attention. Kingston Byers has a proven track record of building a winning team that can take projects from initial thought to final product without compromise. Strategic framework and constructability conceptualizing are the keystones to a successful project. We achieve this by involving all stakeholders through out the project, taking all the very best input to produce an uncompromised product.
We offer full construction management services on projects of all types and budgets. At Kingston Byers we pride ourselves on our complete transparent and collaborative approach. Our project managers and estimators build your vision from pre-construction, constructability, through to estimating and then tendering. We navigate the full spectrum of construction to a successful completion. We continue to hold the reins to a comprehension commissioning and close out. The construction management approach gives our clients the opportunity to steer projects and to make informed decisions all the while leaving us the complexities of construction.
Kingston Byers inc. is a division of Kingston Industries Limited Group. Based in Lasalle since our beginnings, we have been a general contractor in Quebec for over 48 years. Our operations began in the industrial sector with pulp and paper factories and petrochemical refineries.
Since 1970, Kingston Byers inc. founded its corporate culture on principles based on the importance of seamless service, impeccable work and attention to detail. This, to provide an outstanding work performance and unbeatable service.
Integrating a new enterprise resource planning program into the business and our recent experiences in 3D project modeling are just a few of the many ways we are reinventing ourselves. We are committed to adding value to our customers by our sense of innovation, our foresight, our performance, and the quality of our relationships in the industry.
Kingston Byers inc. maintains a strong presence in Quebec and continues to grow with the construction market. We are dedicated to constant improvement by involving all of our staff and listening to our customers. With this personalized approach, we are maintaining this trust with our existing customers and building with our future customers.
Since its incorporation, Kingston Byers inc. goals have remained the same: customer satisfaction through quality work, good cooperation, maintaining a safe workplace and with the input of our skilled employees strive to meet the budget and schedule established. Kingston Byers Inc. is proud to have built its reputation on the diversity of its services and its outstanding team.


9101 Elmslie, LaSalle, Qc, Canada, H8R 1V6
Phone: 514-365-1642