Kingston Byers has over 48 years of experience in various sectors of Quebec’s construction industry, acquiring skills which you can benefit.

Whether for consulting, planning, or creating effective solutions for unforeseen challenges, choose our experience and innovative skills to ensure peace of mind.
We are dedicated and committed to completing all of your specialized projects, ensuring a professional and safe execution in compliance with the strictest quality standards.

With pride and skill, we meet our customers’ specific challenges. We complete your projects by complying with your requirements, on budget and on time.
We have earned a reputation for integrity and quality over the years. With our team’s various and versatile expertise, we are able to complete small or large scale projects with the same level of exactitude.

Our success is the result of staff and team skills on our construction sites. We have a wide range of equipment, tools and leading-edge machinery, and we commit to providing any resource needed to ensure success.
We are an employer aware of the importance of accident prevention and the well-being of workers. Our team of health and safety specialists closely monitors all sites, ensuring that every project is completed in compliance with set safety standards.
The relationship with our customers is based on partnership, trust and respect. We believe in collaboration and work as a “team” until the project is completed to the customer’s satisfaction.

Appreciative of our customers, we will continue to offer them service for all their future needs. That is the key to our success and our mission.