Cross Flow Capacity Project

CLIENT : La Brasserie Labatt

We completed this expansion of a section of the Labatt Brewery in Ville LaSalle. The construction management project involved the interior expansion of new blending facility for a new product production. The construction included the demolition of basement floor slabs to allow the installation of a slab drainage system on the ground and a new concrete well. A new sloping concrete slab was subsequently built including formwork and steel reinforcement for the new well. Waterproofing below the new floor slab around the new sump pit with a pre-molded membrane was also installed. The work included new openings in the exterior walls and roof and then roof repairs. Architectural work required included the finishing of a polyurethane floor. Finally, we carried out epoxy injection work around steel frame elements, fire protection installations, ventilation and electrical work as well as the installation of new process piping. Our qualified team made this project a success!