We built the 8,000 m2 PERFORM center, which serves to develop research and teaching in the field of exercise physiology and athletic therapy. The PERFORM Center brings together under one roof a specialized sports therapy and cardiorespiratory physiology teaching clinic, a sports research laboratory, wet laboratories in clinical biochemistry and an exclusive medical imaging module research unit. The center also includes a clinical analysis module, a metabolic kitchen, a training room, a physical activity and rehabilitation center as well as office areas. The central project entailed several stages of work, starting with the construction of the new center attached to the existing arena and then the partial refurbishment of the arena roof. Subsequently we renovated the existing administrative offices and added a pedestrian link between two buildings. The complexity of the project involved working in an existing operating arena, offices, and sports fields (football and soccer). Specific solutions were put in place for the safety of users (covered temporary bridge) and for acoustics between the arena and the new construction. Waterproofing membranes were also installed on the underground structure. We built a new mechanical room to house the air conditioning units and related equipment, then proceeded to install the HVAC and duct distribution systems. The result was appreciated by the client and the project professionals. This project received a LEED GOLD certification.