The project presented by the City of Saint-Lambert proposed the demolition of the Saint-Lambert recreation center built in the 1950s. We built, modernized and expanded the recreation center. The new 4000m2 facility was designed to optimize the quality of services offered by the center and to integrate sports, community and cultural activities all under one roof. Internal circulation was improved at the integration of the four points of interest; the indoor pool, gymnasium, arena and recreation center. The main project was the construction of a new two storey building with an area of ​​more than 2,255 square meters that connected to the existing pool and arena. The interior design included the addition of 4 multifunctional rooms, 3 multi-sport halls, 2 preschool halls, a multipurpose gymnasium, food and sports concessions, an atrium, a fitness center, 2 additional locker rooms, a new mechanical room to house HVAC units and related equipment. Outside, the work included the construction of a 2000 m2 parking lot, building sidewalks and the rehabilitation of fences surrounding the site. This fixed price project was carried out with a well-structured and competent qualified team equipped with all the necessary tools to effectively monitor the teams’ performance, the budget, the schedule and the quality of work.