Kingston Byers inc. is aware of the importance of accident prevention and the well-being of its workers.
We ensure that the work is done in the best conditions possible while respecting the established safety standards.

Our team monitors closely all safety activities to develop guidelines to continually improve the prevention program.

For each site, Kingston Byers inc. develops a prevention program for which participation is mandatory and must be adhered to by all subcontractors and employees; each of the subcontractors must provide their respective prevention program.

Our health and safety specialists work with subcontractors and clients to maintain the physical well being of the workers and to establish preventative measures to eliminate all forms of danger and health threats to the workers.

By promoting good working methods, all the projects completed by our company are carried out harmoniously by encouraging team spirit and by clearly communicating our objectives, to realize projects in the safest way possible.

Important rules for a safe site.

In addition, some practices specific to Kingston Byers inc. make us a responsible contractor/employer in the field of health and safety on all its sites such as: